2018-2019 Board of Directors



President - VACANT

- Chair of all Board of Directors and general meetings
- Serve on all club committees as ex-officio member
- Appoint standing committee chairs
-Coordinate Coaches Assignments and meet regularly
with the Coaches Repreresentative

blank_headshot.png RONYA VALIZADEH
Treasurer (2017/2018 Season)

- Safely control all club funds
- Prepare and submit annual budget
- Keep all financial records up-to-date
- Prepare un-audited financial statements
blank_headshot.png BETTY LAU
Secretary (2018/2019 Season)

- Deal with all club correspondence, subject to approbal by President
- Issue notices for all Board of Directors and general meetings
- Take minutes at all meetings and prepare and distribute copies to all attendees
- Submit to Skate Canada and Section such reports as required by Skate Canada rules and other regulations
blank_headshot.png KAREN CANNING
Coaches' Representative (2018/2019 Season)

- Review coach contracts seasonally to ensure validity
- Post for, interview and hire new coaches as required
- Select group session coordinator through posting and interviews
- Verify and copy all Skate Canada Coaching Certifications and First Aid Certificates and file
- Interactively develop each coach's schedule for upcoming season and provide them and the Board with signed copies
- Prepare, verify and submit a complete and up-to-date coaches list to Skate Canada
- Schedule and chair regular coaches meetings
- Keep coaches informed of club actions through regular memos
blank_headshot.png VACANT
Membership Chair 

- Set dates and times for registration events
- Confirm with Publicity Chair the content and placement of the respective registration advertisements in the Richmond Hill Parks and Recreation booklets
- Organize and conduct all registration events
- Collect all registration forms and money
- Prepare and submit control sheets
- Advise Coach Liaison and P.A. Coordinator of registration numbers
- Organize volunteers to greet and check-in skaters participating in group lessons on the first day
blank_headshot.png STEPHANIE MOREHOUSE
Program Assistants Coordinator (2018/2019 Season)

- Recruit Program Assistants for all group lesson sessions
- Liaise with Membership Chair to determine session requirements
- Interactively develop and post P.A. schedules throughout season

Facilities Coordinator (2018/2019 Season)

- Ensure adequate ice time is available for all group lessons and skating events
and facilitate bookings with the Town of Richmond Hill
blank_headshot.png RONYA (JASMINE) VALIZADEH
Director at Large (2016/2017 Season)

- Attends Board Meetings and helps at various events
throughout the year/
blank_headshot.png VACANT
Publicity & Promotions Coordinator
- Confirm registration dates and times with Board
- Publish regular e-newsletters
- Update 'News and Events' page on website
- Post updates on RHFSC Facebook page and Twitter feed

- Seek coverage of events from The Liberal, Rogers, etc.
- Prepare and submit ads for Parks and Rec

- Prepare skating brochures
- Post signs about upcoming events

blank_headshot.png VACANT
Music Coordinator

- Ensure music and equipment are up to date with latest solos, etc.
- Ensure availability of music and equipment
- Ensure music announcer available for Test and Club Competition Days
- Provide training to music volunteers for Test and Club Competition days
blank_headshot.png VACANT
Test Chair

-Set dates and times of club Test Days
- Confirm ice availability
- Book judges well in advance of Test Days
- Coordinate with Skate Canada  Central Ontario Section (COS)
- Post Test Day announcements stating due dates for intentions and withdrawals.
- Make Test Day intention forms and envelopes available to coaches
- Collect test intention forms, envelopes and money
- Submit test money to Treasurer
- Schedule tests and post skaters' times
- Arrange refreshments for judges as necessary
- Submit results to Skate Canada
- Keep skaters' test records up to date in club files

blank_headshot.png VACANT
Competition Chair

- Confirm Club Competition date and ice availability
- Become familiar with event categories and requirements
- Book judges well in advance of competition
- Post competition announcements stating entry deadlines
- Prepare and distribute competition entry forms
- Collect forms and money and submit money to Treasurer
- Post competition schedule and skaters list
- Coordinate music, food, loot bags, Awards, etc.
blank_headshot.png VACANT
Fundraising and Merchandizing Coordinator

- Organize fundraising events
- Set up and staff merchandise table at events
blank_headshot.png VACANT
Special Events Coordinator

- Organize Season Finale or Ice Show as cas may be

- Organize other special events as required
blank_headshot.png VACANT
Costumes Coordinator

- Organize and catalogie and maintain our costume inventory
blank_headshot.png VACANT

- Enhance functionality and usability of website through custom PHP scripts
- Assist and provide training to website page administrators as required

The Richmond Hill Figure Skating Club (RHFSC) is a volunteer-run organization and its Board members are composed of individuals from the local community. If you are interested in participating in the Board, please contact administrator@rhfsc.on.ca for more information.

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