Professional Coaching Staff - 2015/2016

All Professional coaches are NCCP accredited by Skate Canada and First Aid Certified.


Adelina C. Munge 647-999-1970 
Ashley Canini 416-258-6424
Ashley Evison 905-967-2842 
Carly Chow 647-290-2128
David Matueszswska  
Deborah Amigo 647-888-5696 
Ginny Connon  
Jana Batka  
Julie Shum 647-293-8150
Karen Canning 905-392-0097
Katty Partnoy 647-964-5575
Kelly Letourneau 905-806-2501
Kenix Po 647-629-4862 (txt)
Liz Taylor 416-799-4025
Michelle Vadori 416-274-6514
Robyn Tenenbaum  
Samantha Airhart 416-428-4066 
Shaquille Davis 647-654-8509
Sherri Hunt-Serazin 905-939-7980 
Sonya Bukovscak 416-414-8155 
Stella Krasnoshtein 416-721-6942 
Susan Staeuble 905-841-5570 

Private Skating Lessons

Private lessons with a professional coach are a very important part of a skaters development and are available for every level. All skaters enrolled in STARSkate Senior MUST hire one of our professional coaches for the season. Other than 15 minutes of stroking at the start of each session, group lessons are not provided at the senior level. More importantly, each skater develops according to their own ability and ambitions. It is only through a carefully thought out individual plan of progress that a skater at the senior level will realize their goals. It is the role of the professional coach to work with you and your child to develop this plan and execute it on a one-on-one basis.

Private lessons are usually arranged for 15 minutes at a time. Arrangements are made by speaking directly with any of our professional coaches. Fees vary by coach and all payments are made directly to them. We encourage you to talk to our coaches to find out what they can offer you for your child’s skating development.


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