Pre CanSkate

For skaters aged 3 and 4, no experience required. This program teaches skating skills through the use of simple instruction, games and toys.  The goal is to help skaters develop balance and coordination on ice,with the emphasis on having fun in a group format.

CSA approved hoceky helmet WITH CAGE are madatory.  Average ratio: 6:1

CanSkate - Learn to Skate

For skaters from to 13 years of age, no experience required.  This national CanSkate Badge program teaches fundamental skating skills from Stages 1 to 4 in a group format and includes a 10-minute warm-up, a 30-minute lesson and a 5-minute cool-down, all with our NCCP Certified Professional Coaches. Average ratio: 7:1

Please note: for this program, CSA-approved hockey helmets are mandatory.
Bike/Ski helmets are not permitted no exceptions.

Pre-Novice- Learn to Figure Skate

For skaters who are 5 to 13 years of age and have completed all the requirements of the Stage 4 Badge. In this Pre-Novice program, RHFSC Stages 5 to 6teach introduction to figure skating in a group format, and include a 30-minute group lesson with our NCCP Certified Professional Coaches and 15 minutes of monitored independent practice time. Monday, Friday and Sunday sessions are one hour in length for the Winter 2016 season and will include a 15 minute warm up at the beginning of the session.

Average 8:1 Ratio Private lessons are optional.

NEW FOR 2017 - Launch of STAR 1 program.  Please read the following regarding the program:

Letter to parents
Assessment Procedures and Tips
Star 1 to 5 Equivalencies
Overview Star 1 to 5 Content

Please note: CSA-approved hockey helmets are mandatory for Stage 5, bike/ski helmets are not permitted  no exceptions.

Private Lessons Ticket Ice

For skaters who are 3 to 13 years of age and NOT yet qualified for Novice or Senior STARSkate. Skaters must be in a private lesson with a Staff coach at all times. Pre-registration is require and the skater will be invoiceed by the Club. Private lessons are required.

Theatre on Ice – new program this year, coached by Liz Taylor and Adelina Munge New in 2018.

This program is introduced to give skaters an avenue to develop their artistic endeavours and make them aware of presentation, mind, body and soul, giving an outward appearance that comes from within. Through all genres of music, various props and different aspects of life, skaters will learn how to perform through body structure, timing and agility in a very creative and joyful atmosphere – “in as a clam and out like a pearl”. Theatre on Ice is included in the regular Novice and Senior STARSkate session every Wednesday and offered as a combined session of 30 min between the two sessions. A initial small yearly fee will be included to cover expenses for props and basic attire when you register for this program.  Additional fees may apply for open competition or performance showcase.

Novice STARSkate

For skaters who have completed all the requirements of the STAR 1 or former RHFSC Stage 7 Badge. This program focuses on skating techniques that will prepare skaters for competitions and tests evaluated by Skate Canada certified judges. Skaters develop their Dance, Skating Skills, Freeskate and Stroking techniques in private lesson format. A 15 minute group session is provided on all sessions, except for Friday. Private lessons are required.  Please see the Star 1 to 5 Program information above for changes to the Novice Session

New - Novice Sessions are now 1.15 hours in length - except for Fridays

Senior STARSkate

For this program, skaters are required to have completed at least one of the following: Junior Bronze Dance, or Junior Bronze Skills or complete Preliminary Freeskate or complete STAR 3 Freeskate or STAR 4 Dance or STAR 4 Skills tests  . See Novice details: This program further develops skills and techniques. A 15-minute Stroking lesson is provided on some sessions. Private lessons are required.


This is an enhancement program focused on improving strength, movement, posture. Off-ice classes are included in the Novice STARSkate and Senior STARSkate program fees. It is an optional add-on for Pre-Novice skaters and Adult STARSkaters.

Beginner Adult CanSkate - Learn to Skate

For skater who are 14 years of age and up, no experience required.  For inexperienced adult skaters, this program teaches basic skating skills in 6 stages. Skills are taught in a group format by a Professional Coach. Private lessons are optional. Please note: CSA-approved hockey helmets are mandatory for this program.  Bike/Ski helmets are not permitted, no exceptions.

Advanced Adult STARSkate

For skaters who are 15 years of age and up, and have Novice STARSkate qualifications. Off-Ice classes, private lessons and test days are optional.

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