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The Richmond Hill Figure Skating Club (RHFSC) is a volunteer-run organization.   It is managed by a Board of Directors and administrative staff. Its board members are composed of individuals from the local community and parents of RHFSC skaters, working together and running the day-to-day operations of the club.

Our Board of Directors meet on the second Thursday evening of each month.  Join the RHFSC Board today and have a say in how the club is run! 

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2022/2023 Board of Directors


Joy Rowlandson (President)

Vice President



Michael Ma

Stephanie Morehouse

PA Coordinator

Stephanie Morehouse


Coaches Rep

Taje Jones

Joy Rowlandson




Club Administrator

CanSkate Coordinator

CanSkate Administrator

A key member of our club providing administrative services to skating program and club event registrations, managing membership inquiries and much more.

The CanSkate Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of our CanSkate program in accordance with Skate  Canada’s program delivery standards.

The CanSkate Administrator is responsible for the behind the scenes administrative duties for the CanSkate and Pre-Novice programs in accordance with Skate Canada’s guidelines.


Please join us in welcoming our new administration team:

Club Administrator: 


Accounts Payable Administrator:


You can find them in our club office during regular office hours or via email below:



Please join us in welcoming our new CanSkate administration team:

CanSkate Administrator: 



Board of Directors Role Description



  • Chair of all Board of Directors and general meetings
  • Serve on all club committees as ex-officio member
  • Appoint standing committee chairs
  • Coordinate Coaches Assignments and meet regularly with the Coaches Representative

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  • Safely control all club funds
  • Prepare and submit annual budget
  • Keep all financial records up-to-date
  • Prepare un-audited financial statements

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  • Deal with all club correspondence, subject to approval by President
  • Issue notices for all Board of Directors and general meetings
  • Take minutes at all meetings and prepare and distribute copies to all attendees
  • Submit to Skate Canada and Section such reports as required by Skate Canada rules and other regulations

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Coaches' Liason

  • Review coach contracts seasonally to ensure validity
  • Post for, interview and hire new coaches as required
  • Select group session coordinator through posting and interviews
  • Verify and copy all Skate Canada Coaching Certifications and First Aid Certificates and file
  • Interactively develop each coach's schedule for upcoming season and provide them and the Board with signed copies
  • Prepare, verify and submit a complete and up-to-date coaches list to Skate Canada
  • Schedule and chair regular coaches meetings
  • Keep coaches informed of club actions through regular memos

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  • Set dates and times for registration events
  • Confirm with Publicity Chair the content and placement of the respective registration advertisements in the Richmond Hill Parks and Recreation booklets
  • Organize and conduct all registration events
  • Collect all registration forms and money
  • Prepare and submit control sheets
  • Advise Coach Liaison and P.A. Coordinator of registration numbers
  • Organize volunteers to greet and check-in skaters participating in group lessons on the first day

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Test Chair

  • Set dates and times of club Test Days
  • Confirm ice availability
  • Book judges well in advance of Test Days
  • Coordinate with Skate Canada  Central Ontario Section (COS)
  • Post Test Day announcements stating due dates for intentions and withdrawals.
  • Make Test Day intention forms and envelopes available to coaches
  • Collect test intention forms, envelopes and money
  • Submit test money to Treasurer
  • Schedule tests and post skaters' times
  • Arrange refreshments for judges as necessary
  • Submit results to Skate Canada
  • Keep skaters' test records up to date in club files

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Program Assistant (PA) Coordinator

  • Recruit Program Assistants for all group lesson sessions
  • Liaise with Membership Chair to determine session requirements
  • Interactively develop and post P.A. schedules throughout season

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Facilities Coordinator

  • Ensure adequate ice time is available for all group lessons and skating events and facilitate bookings with the Town of Richmond Hill

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Director At Large

  • Attends Board Meetings and help at various events throughout the year

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Publicity & Promotions Coordinator

  • Confirm registration dates and times with Board
  • Publish regular e-newsletters
  • Update 'News and Events' page on website
  • Post updates on RHFSC Facebook page and Twitter feed
  • Seek coverage of events from The Liberal, Rogers, etc.
  • Prepare and submit ads for Parks and Rec
  • Prepare skating brochures
  • Post signs about upcoming events

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Music Coordinator

  • Ensure music and equipment are up to date with latest solos, etc.
  • Ensure availability of music and equipment
  • Ensure music announcer available for Test and Club Competition Days
  • Provide training to music volunteers for Test and Club Competition days
  • To provide music for CanSkate, Pre-Novice sessions each season.

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Competition Chair

  • Confirm Club Competition date and ice availability
  • Become familiar with event categories and requirements
  • Book judges well in advance of competition
  • Post competition announcements stating entry deadlines
  • Prepare and distribute competition entry forms
  • Collect forms and money and submit money to Treasurer
  • Post competition schedule and skaters list
  • Coordinate music, food, loot bags, awards, etc.

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Fundraising & Merchandising Coordinator

  • Organize fundraising events
  • Set up and staff merchandise table at events

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Special Events Coordinator

  • Organize Season Finale or Ice Show as case may be
  • Organize other special events as required

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Costumes Coordinator

  • Organize, catalogue and maintain our costume inventory

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Webmaster/ Programmer

  • Enhance functionality and usability of website through custom PHP scripts
  • Assist and provide training to website page administrators as required

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