Private Lesson Ticket Ice

Private Lesson Ticket Ice (PLTI)

Private Lesson Ticket Ice provides more ice time for practice and is a great opportunity for private lessons with a Staff coach.  Skaters must be in a lesson with their private coach at all times. 

This session is open to all Pre-CanSkate, CanSkate and Pre-Novice skaters only.  Skaters must be between 3 to 13 years of age when skating season starts.  Skaters are required to register in one of these sessions before proceeding with Private Lesson Ticket Ice registration.

Registration must be done for the whole season and before the start of any session.  You can do so on-line or in-person at RHFSC office.  You must select a staff coach at the point of registration.  You may proceed with registration without a staff coach identified, however you must confirm your private coach with RHFSC office via email before the start of your session to be allowed on the ice.

Up to 3 skaters are allowed with one private coach per 15 minutes.

Beginners Adult can make use of the last 15 minutes of the session for private lesson.  Private lesson ticket ice is not required in this case.  Saturday PLTI only is open to Beginners Adult as well.  We encourage you to contact our coaches directly to find out more.

PLTI fee does not apply if skaters take the private lessons during their session practice time.

Coaches contact information and biographies are available at Our Coaches page.

To register for Private Lesson Ticket Ice, visit Private Lesson Ticket Ice area of the Registration page.

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