Theatre On Ice

Theatre on Ice – new program introduced in 2018, coached by Liz Taylor and Adelina Munge

This combined Novice/ Senior program is a group program introduced to give skaters an avenue to develop their artistic endeavours and make them aware of presentation, mind, body and soul, giving an outward appearance that comes from within.

Through all genres of music, various props and different aspects of life, skaters will learn how to perform through body structure, timing and agility in a very creative and joyful atmosphere – “in as a clam and out like a pearl”.

Theatre on Ice is included in the regular Novice and Senior STARSkate session every Wednesday and offered as a combined session of 30 min between the two sessions.  A small yearly fee will be included to cover expenses for props and basic attire when you register for this program for the first time.  Additional fees may apply for open competition or performance showcase.

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